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What is premiumACCESS?

premiumACCESS is your gold standard for using the codes in your State and code review needs. As a digital cloud based subscription service, you’ll have immediate access to your resource books anytime and anywhere there is internet connectivity. An additional bonus is that you can use your premiumACCESS subscription on any internet enabled device!

With the concurrent user feature you can work with your colleagues to view, comment and collaborate on the books that you have purchased. As an individual or team you can highlight, annotate (add images, tables, pdf, hyperlinks to other documents and text) the subscription. You can have a single user concurrent version which will allow for a single individual to view purchased books or have several licenses where multiple users can view books all at once based on the number of licenses purchased.

The Hyperlinking feature which moves you from a specific section to the next with one click makes browsing the codes a breeze! This feature is also available if a reference is made to another book that you own. That hyperlink will take you to that specific point of reference in the book. Selected references in the book are also hyperlinked for your use or purchase.

Take the demo today and join the gold standard for online codes.  Click here

How do I login to premiumACCESS?

Once on the site, you will see the login button, top left of the screen.  You will use the login information that you created when you purchased your product. (username: email address, password: Whatever you setup at the time of sign-in).

If you have not created a user name and password you are giving the opportunity by selecting the signup button at the top.

What is the difference between Map view vs Listing view?

When you first open or publicACCESS you are greeted with a map from which you can select a format to view the state in. By selecting an area of the map you are taken to the books that are available for viewing in that state. If you’d like to see the books in List View, click the toggle button to switch to List View of the codes which are categorized by state and year.

Can I demo premiumACCESS?

Yes! You can test drive premiumACCESS by clicking here.  You will be able to test all of the features of premiumACCESS and show your work colleagues and supervisors how it will help you in your day to day work.

Features that you can demo include:

What is Highlighting?

Do you have a code book or text book and love using a highlighter to draw attention to a section? Once you purchase a premiumACCESS subscription you will have that ability to use highlighting colors to help draw attention just like you do in your physical book.

What is Bookmarking?

Like using tabs in your books to help find things quickly?  Once you purchase a premiumACCESS subscription you will have that ability to use bookmarks to help find sections quickly, just like you do in your physical book.

What are annotations?

Annotate code sections and allow others to view your annotations.

What is concurrent Access?

Collaborate on a book with your team concurrently.

What is the function of My Library?

Just like at home where you have a book shelve of your favorite books this is your online books shelve for your premiumACCESS purchases.  You can view your purchased books by collection; year and sort by purchase date or titles or you can search for a specific book title.

As an example I have in my library the 2015 I-Codes and the 2016 California Codes, by using my search filters above I can show only the titles that I need rapid access to.

What are Featured Offerings?

On the bottom of the page is the Featured Offering location.  This will be where you can see the latest items available for purchase. So you are always informed as to the latest offerings.


What is publicACCESS?

publicACCESS provide you the ability to review selected codes in a read only mode.  The books are setup in a Chapter by Chapter format for your ease of selection.

You can access the public books at  Select the book that you would like to review and open the book by selecting the cover from the book shelve.  You will see the Table of Contents where you can navigate to the chapter that you wish to view.  Once in a chapter you can use control + F (windows) or Apple Key + F for Macintosh computers to perform basic search.

 After review the book you may decide that you would like to own the book  you can navigate back to the book shelve and select the gold shopping cart to allow you to purchase the book with enhanced features or in other print formats.

What is cdpACCESS?

cdpACCESS® is the International Code Council’s new cloud-based system for the code development process (cdp). Log in with your My ICC username and password to collaborate, review, submit and vote (if eligible) on code change proposals and public comments.

cdpACCESS® allows you to create code change proposals and public comments and store them in the cloud for easy access and submission. You can also invite colleagues to view, comment and collaborate on your proposals/comments. Once you log in, click on “Proposals,” then “Create New Proposal” to begin.

It is easy to review hearing testimony and vote on code change proposals and public comments in cdpACCESS®. After the Committee Action Hearings, ICC members will be able to view the hearing for those code changes which received an assembly motion and vote on the motions. After the Public Comment Hearings, ICC Governmental Member Voting Representatives and Honorary Members will be able to view the hearings and vote on the Online Governmental Consensus Vote.

What is ICC store?

The ICC store provides you with thousands of publications and different formats for the construction industry.  will allow you to search for the publication or services that you are wishing to purchase and provide a list of formats and venues that are available.

Navigation of the site is easy with the Categories buttons on the left side of the page or you can search the entire store from the search bar.

Specialty topics are available in the center of the page to help you narrow your search for the items that you are looking for.

What is ICC Home?

ICC provides technical, educational, and administrative support to governmental departments and agencies engaged in building codes administration and enforcement. This button links you to where you can obtain information on: